Last updated September 18, 2020.

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COVID-19: Information & Resources

Office Hours and policies

Our office is currently open with Paul at the front desk while the rest of the team is working from home. We are taking precautions by limiting face to face contact and by keeping the office sanitized before and after every visit.

If you would like to stop by in person to drop off or sign documents, please call us at (250)-941-8000 or email us at to ensure we are here to meet you. The office is closed by default from 12:00 to 1:00 pm for lunch.

All of our other team members are fortunately able to work from home but, with school and daycare closed, some are at home with children and may not be able to work at their full regular capacity. 


With these factors in mind, we ask for your understanding and patience as we navigate this tax season that's otherwise more busy than normal.

To reduce face to face contact, we are encouraging our clients to use digital means to:


  • Send and receive information (Citrix Sharefile Portal, Email)

  • Communicate (Email, Call, Video Call)

  • Sign documents (Adobe Reader, Right Signature)

To assist with this, we've created a page with guides and resources for those digital tools.


Government Support


As the government response is taking form and more details are made available, it looks like the application and management for a number of benefits will be done online.

We recommend that you set up the applicable government online accounts we have listed below. For most of these accounts, the registration process involves the government mailing you a confirmation number before you can get access to all the features.

CRA My Account for Individuals (all individuals)

The application for the new Canada Emergency Response Benefit ($2,000 per month) can be done on this website.

You can also setup direct deposit from here which will get any federal money in your bank account faster.

CRA My Account for Business (all businesses)

You'll be able to manage direct deposit on this online account.

You'll also be able to file returns (GST, T4, T5, etc.) electronically.

My Services Canada Account (all individuals)

This allows you to start and manage EI claims faster (and now safer as well) than going in person to a Service Canada office. 

The application for new Canada Emergency Response Benefit ($2,000 per month) can be done

on this website as well.

ROE Web (all businesses)

This allows you to file ROE electronically and also manager third party service provider who you want to do ROE for your organization.

Note that ROE's are due very quickly after an employee is laid off or terminated (5 days), and if you don't file an ROE on time, (a) your employee may not be able to apply for EI and may face unnecessary hardship, and (b) your business may be exposed to penalties up to $2,500 by Service Canada.