Our hiring process

  1. Resume
    You send us your resume and cover letter at career@reachcpa.ca.

  2. Online Assessment
    We send you a link to an online assessment that will give us a better sense of your accounting knowledge, communication skills, and tech-savvyness.

    It’s also an opportunity to give you a taste of who we are, and give you a chance to provide us a sense of who you are.

    We want to be candid here – you’ll want to allocate at least 30 minutes for the online assessment, and some candidates in the past have taken it past the hour mark depending on their level of knowledge and eagerness.

    Once you start the assessment, you have four days to complete it, but we’re always happy to extend it if you need extra time.

  3. First round of review
    We allow about three weeks to receive resumes and online assessments from all the interested candidates.

    Our team will review the online assessment responses, discuss them and decide whether to move you to the next stage.

  4. Zoom interview
    We schedule a Zoom interviews with the owner and manager that’s usually 60 to 90 minutes 

    Because we’ve covered lots of the technical skills in the online assessment, this is more of an opportunity for both you and us to assess whether we’re a fit. You’ll have an equal chance to ask your questions as we do.

  5. References
    If we click with you, and you with us, we set you up to have a phone or Zoom call with someone else on our team – it’s so you can check our references and get a feel for what it’s like to work at Reach CPA (previously Duncan & Co). We will do the same thing on our side, asking for your references and reaching out to them. 

  6. Job offer
    The last stage will be a Zoom call with our owner, Fabien, to discuss the formal employment contract: salary, benefits, start date, and so on.

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