Who are you, what do you do and who do you serve?

My name is Kathy Jerritt and I own a catering company in the Comox Valley called Tria Fine Catering.  Tria caters events ranging in size from 10 up to 1000 and we've been in business since 2008.  The number of employees fluctuates from 2-12 depending on the time of year.  We serve primarily the Comox Valley and we travel as far as Campbell River, Parksville/Qualicum and the west coast of Vancouver Island including Ucluelet and Tofino, most often in the summer, to cater weddings.  We cater corporate events, annual fundraisers for non-profits, weddings, private events and we create our own events when we have time!  We work with a wide variety of vendors and producers. Tria is an incorporated business, Tria Culinary Studio Inc., DBA Tria Fine Catering.


What was your experience like working with Duncan & Company on this? How were we different? Did anything really stand out?


10:00 am

My experience since switching to the cloud-based has been ... revolutionary to put it lightly!  Fabien and the whole team at Duncan & Co have been so patient with my ridiculous questions! I've never felt judged by my lack of knowledge when it comes to certain areas and he's been great at clarifying and explaining things.  Up until I started working with Fabien, I found myself doing far more than I should have been when it came to bookkeeping, and I was quite resentful of the time I was spending each week in the office.  Every business owner needs to have a basic understanding of general finances and provincial and federal requirements, it's a necessary part of running a business, but the hours I was spending in the office learning these things was taking me away from doing my actual job of cooking and running the business itself.  


What is your business like after the switch to the cloud? Can you share any specific results or achievements?


11:30 am

I often shake my head at the ease of the switch and I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't decided to go this route.  My office time now is so minimal because I can do things so quickly and easily with my phone. 


I can build an invoice through Xero in seconds and send it right away; I schedule and track my staff hours through Deputy which has virtually eliminated the time I used to put into scheduling;  Wagepoint takes care of payroll and paying staff through automatic deposit so I don't have to chase staff with cheques anymore; my rec gen payments are taken care of so I don't need manually write a cheque, pop it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, drive around with it for days in my car forgetting to put it in a mailbox and then realize it's late (I was very old school :).


The real time saver has been the receipt app, Hubdoc.  Where I used to spend hours organizing my receipts each month, labelling and categorizing, I now simply take a picture of the receipt and it's uploaded to Xero - that's it.  It takes minutes to process dozens of receipts.  The great thing about working with Fabien and the team is the fact that they keep on top of the latest options as well and they keep me informed - if a better receipt app becomes available, they let me know and we make the switch.  It's so effortless it's laughable. 


What would you say to someone on the fence about hiring Duncan & Company for cloud bookkeeping?


11:30 am

I know it seems like a lot of money and admittedly all the different apps seem confusing;  I was a bit hesitant at first.  I asked a lot of questions, including what would happen if after a few months I didn't like the system?  Fabien explained that it's all very easily transferable back to a former system, or to a different system, no harm, no foul - but after two weeks of using the new system, I knew there was no going back.  Once I realized just how much time I was saving in the office - time that was immediately put back into generating revenue for the company - the cost in time savings was priceless.  As for all the apps, once I spent a bit of time with them, they became as easy as anything else and the way they interact with each other is brilliant.  The whole cloud-based system has been revolutionary for me, not just in time savings but in my ability to see the overall financial health of my business.  I also feel I have an ally in Fabien and the whole team at Duncan & Co - I can truly sit down and plan my finances, plan my strategies, plan my future - I have a relationship with them and I no longer feel like I'm fumbling blindly.  It's the relationship every business needs to have with their accountant. 

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