Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my files for conversion?

The cleaner your Sage 50 file, the more accurate and faster the migration will be. To help us help you, please ensure that: All bank and credit card accounts are reconciled, and the outstanding items are cleaned up to the minimum. (e.g. stale-dated cheques are reversed, etc.) Payments and credit notes to either accounts receivable and to accounts payable are all applied to invoice(s) (for A/R) or bill(s) (for A/P).

How long will the process take?

FastSwitch: We guarantee a full file turnaround within 5 business days, however our average is closer to 2 business days. Premium: We guarantee a turnaround within 10 business days but, again, averaging 5 business days.

What information cannot be migrated from Sage 50 to Xero?

Our team converts only the core accounting data from Sage 50 excluding the following: Budgets Tracked Inventory if using the FIFO method in Sage 50 * Invoice and bill descriptions if not using items or services Sales/Purchase Orders Draft invoices/Bills Payment Terms Invoice and other Templates Transactions posted after Convert date Deleted/Cancelled Transactions Notes mentioned in Contacts * Xero's inventory module does not have as many features as Sage 50. If you need inventory in Xero, please contact us to discuss the best options.

Can you convert bookkeeping softwares other than Sage 50?

Currently, the service presented here only covers Sage 50 to Xero conversion, but other softwares are on our Road Map. If you would like to have a different software coverted to Xero, you can always contact us to discuss... we may have a beta version in the works.

What is on the roadmap?

We have developed a beta version that can migrate tracked inventory. Note that Xero only has a basic tracked inventory module compared to Sage 50, so there are some inherent limitations. We will soon be able to migrate department/class information for individual transactions in Sage 50 to tracking categories allocation in Xero. We are working on multi-currency transactions conversions. We will then explore conversions from other softwares (e.g. QBO, Quickbooks Desktop, Wave).

What is the process?

1. We connect, discuss your needs and answer any question you may have. 2. You complete the intake information, and upload a backup copy of the Sage 50 file you would like to convert to our secure, Canadian-hosted portal. 3. We will create a Xero trial subscription and migrate the Sage 50 information to it. Please don't create an organization first. 4. We will report back to you and set you up as a user to the Xero organization. 5. You can then verify the result and, once you confirm you are satisfied and we received the payment, we transfer the subscription to you.

Does my data remain confidential after the conversion?

Yes, your data remains confidential, all our data is hosted on Canadian servers and encrypted at rest and in transit with both password and multi-factor authentication. Once the conversion has been completed and you have reviewed the Xero data, you can remove our users from the Xero account. On our side, we delete any remaining files.

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